Amazing Village Above Rock Cliffs, Do You Dare To Live Here

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Amazing Village Above Rock Cliffs, Do You Dare To Live Here

JURNALMEDIA.ID – Normally people will build settlements in locations that are safe and comfortable to live in, yes, but in some places in the world there are groups of people who actually build a village in a very extreme location, their houses are built on very rocky cliffs. steep and high then anywhere the village below we summarize some amazing villages that are on top of the cliff.

There is a remote settlement called Atulier Village or Atier village which is about 200 years old on top of a cliff that reaches 800 meters high, here stand several houses inhabited by about 100 households. Atulier Village became famous after appearing photos showing adults and the children trudged up the cliff using only the ladder.

In the past the villagers of Atulier lived in poverty and had to use a series of rattan ladders to climb the cliffs which could be very dangerous, in late 2016 the local government invested more than one million Yuan to build 2.56 steps and a steel ladder nearly 3 km long.

So that it is safer for the villagers to climb up and down the cliff in December 2020 some of the villagers or Atulier were relocated by the Chinese government to an apartment of about 84 houses as part of the local poverty eradication campaign, but some still choose to stay in this cliffside village. about 30 households will remain in the village or Lier which will be converted into a tourist attraction.

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Astraki village Greek meaning small castle is a small peaceful village located in Meteora area Greece the entire settlement is located between giant cliffs and was first founded in the 16th century around 1500 people and most of their livelihoods in agriculture and tourism, a building located at the end of a very high cliff became the center of attention.

In this village the building served as a monastery for the locals. Meteora area was originally inhabited by monks who lived in caves in the rocks during the 11th century, but when robberies and lawlessness were frequent in the area they rose higher and higher. high again to the rock face, until they live in Puncak which is very difficult to access but now getting to the Peak is easier because a very adequate path has been built to use.

Alsogara Village Oman from 500 years a remote tribe has been living on a cliff side in the mountains of Oman they live in a Settlement called Alsogara Village is the most remote Village in all of Oman, currently the only way in and out of this Village is by parking the vehicle at the end of the gravel road.

Further it is only a 20 minute hike up the steep stone steps that lead to Alsogara Village the local population is only about 45 people and as there was no school the previous generation learned to read and write at home, but since the 1970s, students have been attending school 14 km in Sai town to get there they climb the narrow village steps and return to the other side of the mountain where a car can pick them up on the road.

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Haid-Al Jazil Village Yemen is said to be one of the most unique places on the planet this unique village is perched on a giant rock and overlooking a long valley in the Dawan district of Yaman in Hadramaut province from the census that has been conducted revealing the population of this small village is just 17 people.

Residents around make a living by cultivating agriculture deep in the Wadi valley or rainwater reservoirs and rivers being the only source of water for the people of the Al Jazil menstrual village and even then they have to be willing to go up and down the Valley with extra time and energy.

There are no schools or health facilities here. If a resident is sick the person will be taken by donkey to the valley and then taken by car to the local hospital which is almost an hour’s drive away, the houses that stand on Haid Al jazil are made in style traditional granite from mud brick.

Polip De laroga Spain kastal volleyball is a village whose houses stand on a rock cliff as high as 50 meters and about 1 km long, the location of this village is in Spain, precisely near the flow of the Pluvia and Toner rivers. Spanish.

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As well as being one of the most popular tourist destinations. The hotel is quite dense. The houses here are built very tightly between one house and another, only having a few gaps. However, local residents are not worried about landslides because they are standing on very hard and large rocks.

China’s Fanjingsan Mountain, although not a village, this one building is quite attention-grabbing, located on the top of a rock cliff, anyone will be amazed to see these are two temples located directly Golden Samid or Golden Pik.

On Mount fujinsan it is also known as fishing mountain. The highest mountain in the Wuling Mountains in southwest China is a sacred mountain in Chinese Buddhism, considered the body of Manda Maitreya Buddha. It became a UNESCO world heritage site in 2018.

Al hajjarah Yemen The village of Al hajjarah is located in the harashi mountains of Yemen 5 km west. This village dates back to the 11th century AD and served as an important fortress during the Turkish occupation of Yemen.

Here also stand the houses that are attached to each other forming a very beautiful formation to reach the village of Algeria people can walk uphill as far as 5 km by following the mountain road.


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