Here’s How It Works How do trains change lanes?

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Here's How It Works How do trains change lanes?

JURNALMEDIA.ID – This train animation is really cool just a little movement of the train tracks can change the track, this clever real difference design can be done with a simple trick on wheels and rails, let’s take a closer look at how it works, first let’s focus on one rail then imagine there is one rail branch diversion will the wheel rotate through the left or right lane, the course of the wheel is unpredictable the wheel used on the rail has a lens on one side of the lens is a wheel safety feature that ensures the wheel will not leave the rail, throughout the video always remember this simple rule because the presence of a wheel lens is not possible to move through the left lane.

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If you want to make the wheel spin through the left lane make the right lane into separate sections and turn as shown before the wheel reaches that point, this is the basic concept behind rail shifting, now let’s see how it works when both rail pairs appear, vicenza is always on on the inside of the wheel, the portion of the rail that can be turned is called the rail tongue, a pretty name isn’t it.

When the tongue of the rail is turned as shown in the picture the train will move on the yellow rail, remember because of influenza the left wheel can’t rotate on the light blue rail, because in the same turn the dark blue tongue doesn’t touch the rail at all, you can see the big flaw, so the right wheel too can follow the yellow track on that side without difficulty, let’s turn the tongue rail in the opposite way.

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This time it has been made in the tongue area of ​​​​the person, in time the train will easily follow the blue rail and move straight, it’s a simple and effective mechanism, the length of the moving part of the rail tongue does not need to be too long you can reduce the length of the tongue by turning it like this, we I will explain the advantages of this short tongue length towards the end of the video, using this mechanism the shifting action occurs perfectly but if you run the train on this track it will inevitably slip.

The problem is in the intersection where the real tongues cross at one point, if the design of the track is like this the train will follow the orange tongue, and slip, let’s see how to solve this problem, to solve this problem just give the material gaps at the intersection of the track, in the design of the track. In this new train either the train passes left or right lanes the wheels cross the intersection without hitting any lane.

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